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Ariel is a lover of fun. He is a mischievous spirit. He cannot stay idle. He is very smart and alert. He has the essential features of air and tire. He feels happy by working hard and by carrying out the orders of Prospero without feeling tired. If Prospero stands for the theory of magic, Ariel stands for its practice.

From the beginning to the end of the play, Ariel plays wonderful tricks. His love for making mischiefs can be compared with that of Puck in A Mid Summer Night’s Dream. He is not seen by others but he can see others. Thus he plays his tricks. The very first scene of the play with the angry storm blowing and the ship trembling as if in fear is mainly due to the mischief played by Ariel. He himself says that he boarded the king’s ship and then wandered freely on the deck of the ship. He went in every cabin and played the tricks. He made all the members of the royal party jump into the sea. Ferdinand was the first to jump into the sea. The strangest thing is that not a single person was drowned. Ariel dispersed them on the island in small groups. The ship was anchored safely in the harbour with sailors gone to sleep under the magic spell of Ariel.

Ariel sings and sends the King of Naples and his courtiers to sleep. Antonio and Sebastian try to kill Alonso and Gonzalo while the latter are sleeping. As they are about to draw out their swords, Ariel sings and wakes Alonso and Gonzalo up. Thus Ariel foils the conspiracy by playing a trick. Ariel played the hm in the beginning by sending all to sleep with his charm and then at the right moment he wakes them up also to escape being murdered.

Ariel plays some more funny tricks. Caliban wants to kill Prospero with the help of Trinculo and Stephano. When Stephano and Caliban are talking, Ariel invisibly sends forth his sharp replies and thus provokes Caliban.

Once Caliban and Trinculo are talking. Ariel sends forth his sharp and cutting replies. In the absence of any other living man in the neighbourhood, Trinculo is accused of rudeness. Actually Ariel interrupts their conversation. Stephano feels irritated. He beats Trinculo besides abusing him for interruption and rudeness. Thus enmity is created between the two drunken sailors and Ariel enjoys his own mischief making. Ariel misleads the drunken fools to fall in a filthy pond. They come out of the pool with their clothes dirty. When they move towards Prospero’s cell, they see very beautiful clothes hanging on the branches of the lime tree. These clothes have been hung there by Ariel to deceive them. The moment they put on the robes, they are chased by the spirits in the shape of bounds. Thus we find Ariel playing a number of tricks on the drunken fools.

Ariel plays his tricks on the king and his courtiers. The king and his courtiers are hungry. Strange shapes bring in a banquet before the party. The party is invited to enjoy the feast while a lively dance by the spirits goes on. Sebastian and others decide to enjoy the feast. No sooner d they begin to do so then Ariel enters with thunder and lightning He flutters his wings upon that table and the feast disappears. Ariel besides befooling them punishes them verbally as well H reminds them of their crimes in the past and thus makes them repent.

But Ariel’s tricks are full of good purpose. They are a means to a happy end. Ariel bring8 Ferdinand before Miranda for their final union. He exposes the villains likc Antonio and Scbasnan He makes the sinners repent on their crimes.


Dipendu Das

Dipendu Das

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