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Q. W. Somerset Maugham’s titular hero Salvatore was a responsible brother, a passionate lover and a loving father. Analyse the statement with reference to the story ‘Salvatore’.


‘Salvatore’ by William Somerset Maugham is a story of an ordinary fishermen named Salvatore. The story portraits Salvatore as an ordinary man who possessed nothing in this world except his extraordinary love and affection.
Salvatore being the eldest brother used to take care of his two younger brothers. He was a responsible brother. As his duty and out of his love he would let them venture too far in the sea. He also dressed them appropriately to climb the hot Vineclad hill for the midday meal.
Salvatore fell madly in love with a girl who had pretty eyes. Being a passionate lover, he waited till he had completed his military service. His true love to his beloved fell madly on him. It was due to his reason he was badly homesick. He missed his family and his beloved far away from his place. Doctors even told him, “his heart exulted”, for he could go home. Though he was having rheumatism, he was happy for he could go home to the girl who was supposedly waiting for him.
Salvatore on coming home, he was rejected by the girl he loved. Though the girl’s mother bluntly told him that her daughter would never marry a man who is suffering from a disease, he never blamed her. His inherent love and respect for her did not even allow his conscience to say, “a hard word for a girl whom he loved so well”.
He neither blame or curse her but as a true lover he forgive the girl to reject him, he started compromising with the true fact of life. Though he wept on his mother’s bosom and was terribly unhappy, but he didn’t gave up. Soon he got married to Assunta, she was even older than him. He not only forgive his beloved, but also showed his eternal love for her by marring a girl which he even don’t know. He didn’t wanted to get his love by doing any unfair to his beloved. Thus, he sacrificed his love in order to make her happy.
Though being rejected by the girl he loved marrying Assunta. He kept Assunta happy in such a way, “she never ceared to be touched by his gentle sweetness”. He was a man of inherent goodness, even after suffering from rheumatism, he worked extremely hard to sustain his family.
Very soon the have two children. As a father he loved them and spent as much time as possible with them. After working for a whole day and night, he still love to play with his children. He used to give them a bath and hold them tenderly and delicately. He would enjoy his children’s laughter and would laugh with them, proving himself a loving father.

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