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ISC Statement of Purpose > Format, Types and Example

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a personal statement about a person, his interests, the influences he had in life and his future plans. It is not just a bold statement of facts; but may include anecdotes, stories or description of a person’s experiences and ideals. It is usually written for admission into a particular course in an educational institute or while applying for a job to state the purpose for joining a particular course or institute or applying for a particular job.

The SoP is a chance for a person to talk directly to the selectors and to make oneself stand out from among a multitude of similarly qualified candidates.

The Sop should convince the readers that you are genuinely interested in joining a particular institute or applying for a job.

▶ Introduce yourself, your interests and motivations.

▶ Elaborate on your academic interests.

▶ Give convincing reasons for joining a particular course or institute or applying for a particular job.

▶ Emphasise everything from a positive perspective and write in active, not passive voice.

▶ Demonstrate everything by example; don’t say directly that you’re a persistent person show it.

Latest ISC Statement of Purpose SoP Format : 

Introduction paragraph (Your basic introduction


( 1st Paragraph : State reasons which shows your interest in the given subject. 

2nd Paragraph : State your reasons to join the institute. 

3rd Paragraph : State your qualifying qualities for getting selected.


Statement of Purpose SoP Examples :

To claim and reach heights is always been the driving force behind all my achievements. With my keen interest in Computer Applications, I was always fascinated of studying Java Programming at school. It was due to my keen interests in the subject that I had taken Computer Science after my 10th board. The goal is to study with more interest Computer Applications and to increase my learning skill, drifted me to pursue a course at the university level.

To be successful in life right monitoring is required. I’m sure that St. Stephen’s College is the best institute which can lead to the all round development of my personality.


There are numerous reasons for calling the institute the best —

Firstly, it is the best institute with a brand name. Successful alumni itself acts as the motivation to excel.

Secondly, education pursued in this college is life enriching. Not only education students are provided with the best guidance.

Thirdly, the students-teachers bonding which is the very basic of learning, inspires every students of this college to reach great heights and become successful in life.

Fourthly, the experience of the alma-mater is an example enough to understand the role of the college in shaping the lives of every students. The long lists of the software engineer, web developers, application developers and coding experts in various departments, who have made a mark in their lives are proof enough to understand that this is the best institute to study Computer Applications.

Being very passionate about my dreams of joining the best institute of the country, I worked extremely hard to score 90% in ISC class twelve examination. Apart from excelling in academics I have won numerous achievement for my school in various co-curricular activities at state and national level like Olympiad, intra-inter school web designing and developing championship. Doing various coding programs is my most preferred avocation during my free time. My other hobbies includes drawing, writing poems, and reading various books.

I’m confident that these hobbies of mine will attain the greater level of excellence in this college and will mould me into a gentleman to contribute my work for the nation in future.


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