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ISC Review Writing > Format, Types and Examples

There are three types of review writings :
1. Book review
2. Film review
3. Cultural program review

1. Book review
A book review is an assessment of the merits of a contemporary work and a personal response to it. Precision and focussed thoughts are the keywords here. Reviews are unbiased and critical in nature. A book review should have the following:
● Coherent and relevant information.
● A forceful first paragraph giving a brief but accurate idea of the overall feel of the work.
● The summary of the plot, followed by the specific aspects of the work, individual characters, incidents and scenes.
● The shortcomings of the work.

Points to Remember:
▶ Choose a book you are well-acquainted with and think about what you want to say.
▶ Decide on the most distinguishing characteristics of the book.
▶ Briefly describe the outstanding idea that runs through the entire book.
▶ Write down your Topic Sentences and the Theme.
▶ Write down specific references from the book to illustrate the special points.
▶ Refer to scenes and dialogues in the book.
▶ Make your composition plan with paragraphs for each new step; and, use linldm words and phrases, to ensure a smooth transition from one idea to another.
▶ Try to end on a positive note, leaving the readers with a specific picture or idea.

2. Film review :
Film review shares all the characteristics of a book review, though due to a change of the medium, audio-visual impact also needs to be taken into consideration.

A good film review must include:
● Theme and plot of the film.
● Main characters and their portrayal by actors.
● Technical aspects — cinematography, direction, choreography, music, etc.
● Message of the film; if any.
● Overall impression — entertainment value.

3. Cultural programme review :
A cultural programme comprises events aimed at highlighting the values and culture of a society or a nation. These events include dance, music, folk-songs and folk-dance, short skirts, fete, etc.

A review of such a programme must include the following:

● Date and venue of the programme.
● Inauguration by a Chief Guest.
● Entertainment programme.
● Other important features.
● Highlight of the programme.
● Chief Guest’s reaction and reaction of the audience.

ISC Review Writing Format : 

(Applicable for any type of review)

: Indicates one line gap between lines.

Heading with attractive subtitle

Introduction Paragraph

Body (Maximum 3 paragraphs)

Conclusion paragraph (Must contain your reviews, suggestions or personal views)

Date                                                        Name
(Left side)                                     (Right side)

ISC Review Writing Examples :

1. ISC Example Book review :

You Can Win – Be a winner

You Can Win is a book by Shiv Khera, the renowned author, educator, business consultant and successful entrepreneur. This book is an international best-seller with two million copies sold in 16 languages.

It has eight chapters which ‘deal with topics such as importance of positive attitude, success, motivation, self-esteem, personality, habits, goals and the importance of interpersonal skills. It is written in simple and lucid style with real life examples and step by step strategies for achievers.

The book has a common sense appeal and induces the reader to refer to it again and again. This book is the not the ’read and forget’ type but a kind of a building manual helping the reader build his life into a successful and fulfilling one. It makes one ponder on what one’s ultimate goal in life should be and how one is going to achieve it. It gives the message that one is not expected to win every battle but the ultimate war has to be won.

The author takes the reader through his own as well as other leaders’ insights to keep the reader’s mind fresh and enthusiastic throughout the book. He reminds the reader that the winner is always part of the answer and the loser is always part of the problem.

The book has simplified deep philosophies to make the reader realise its true worth. As Washington Irving said, ”Great minds have purposes, others have wishes,” and the author goes on to explain goals, dreams, desires, and fears. As one goes back to the book and again, one is bound to get more and more deep insights into the author’s view that Winners don’t do different things but do things differently.
The book is a ’must read’ for all those want to be winners.

13th April, 2020                            Sahana Dev

2. ISC Examples Film review : 

Slumdog Millionaire

Numerous narratives and films have explored the issues related to children and hum rights, especially in the Asian countries. Slumdog Millionaire is essentially about the harsh realities of the children living in the slums in India and the things they are forced to do.

It depicts the story of Jamal Malik (Dev Patel), a teenage boy from the Dharavi slum of Mumbai, who appears on the Indian version of ’Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ This illiterate boy goes on to win the show, thereby arousing the suspicions of the game show host (Anil Kapoor) and of law enforcement officials. Desperate to prove his innocence Jamal tells the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother Salim, grew up of their adventures together on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangsters, of their life in the slums of Dharavi, and of Latika (Freida), the girl he loved and lost. The story told in flashback sequences reveals how every encounter in Jamal’s life provided the key to the answer to the questions asked in the game show. But the real reason for Jamal’s being on the show is not to win the money but to find his lost love, Latika, who he knows watches the show religiously.

Director Danny Boyle has successfully portrayed the actual situations that occur in a poverty-stricken slum area like Dharavi. The film was actually set and filmed in India The flawless acting by all the actors, especially by the child artists who originally belong to the Mumbai slums, makes the movie a visual treat. Propelled by the scintillating music of AR. Rahman, the film has songs whose words most Westerners may barely understand, but whose tunes stay with all the listeners. The film was a worldwide success. It won eight Oscars including the first Oscar for music given to an Indian, i.e., AR. Rahman.

The film is a true eye opener, it portrays the spirit of every slum child of finding hope and a release from the bondage of poverty. In short, Slumdog Millionaire has all the elements, a perfect story, superb direction and screenplay, delightful music and flawless acting, which makes it worth seeing.

13th April, 2020                             Ravi Gupta

3. ISC Example Cultural programme review: 

Festa Di Talenti

A throe-day inter-school cultural festival, ’Festa Di Talenti’, as part of the cmtenary oclcbrations of Rightways Public School, Noida, got underway on January 5, 2020.

The festival was inaugurated by the Director of Education, Ms. Gayatri Rao, with the lighting of a lamp. Prof. A. K. Sen, a children’s fiction writer and Aamir Khan, a renowned actor, were the guests of honour. Ms. Gayatri Rao emphasised the need for students to nurture their talents till they reached perfection. Prof. Sen in his address advised the students to read as many books as they could, especially the classics to understand our ethos. Aamir Khan praised the school for nurturing the talents of the children in various fields.
Students from around 10 schools participated in the fest. The highlight of the ’festa Di talenti’ was that it provided a platform for students from Classes VI to XII to showcase their skills in various fields like acting, dancing, singing, debating, to creative writing.

On day one, teams of students from six schools enacted parables from the Bibie, including the second coming of Jesus Christ and the unforgiving servant and his kind master. Children dressed in bright hues added colour to the contest and vied for attendance with their performance. The other important event of the day was the pageant show of the children of Class VI, which won a Wide round of applause from the audience.

On the second day, the other contests held in different venues also had enthusiastic participants. While some competed to spell words correctly, others got busy with painting brushes to give colour to their favourite scenery on canvas.

The final day saw students showcasing their talent in acting, debating, singing and instrumental music. The Chairman of the school, presented the awards to the winners, who participated in various contests. The Principal of the school thanked all the participants, the guests, and the Judges for helping them in selecting the best talent in various fields. She announced that from the next year, they would make arrangements for the winners to participate in various talent hunt programmes on TV channels to provide them a better platform to further their talents. The fest ended with the singing of the National Anthem.

6th January, 2020                        Dibakar Sen


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