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ISC Personal Profile > Format, Types and Examples

A personal profile is a short description outlining the personal characteristics of an individual, It tells the reader what kind of a person he/she is. and the attributes and qualities that he/she Possesses.

In order to assess a student’s preparedness for a university course, various colleges evaluate them on a broad range of criteria including their academic achievement; and personal experiences. That is the role performed by the Personal Profile in an application, knowing more about a student through his/her Personal Profile helps an institute determine whether he/she has the requisite capabilities. Remember, they are not looking for grades only but also a student’s experiences and ambition in life.

An excellent Personal Profile should be :

● relevant

● short and to the point

● contain positive information only.

You can mention the following points when writing a Personal Profile: 

▶ Personal traits

▶ Academic Achievements

▶ Hobbies and Interests

▶ Dreams and Aspirations

▶ Plans for the Future.

ISC Personal Profile latest Format : 

Introduction paragraph (State your personality traits & academic achievements)

Body (Maximum 3 paragraphs )

(Write as per the demand of question

Conclusion paragraph (State your future planes and aspirations

ISC Personal Profile Example : 

I am a highly motivated, optimistic and affable person. I am a go-getter and always strives to achieve the highest standard possible at any task. I have always been good at studies and ranked first in my class from Class I to XII. In my Class X Exams, I scored 95 per cent marks in aggregate. I have won a number of laurels for my school in the Intra and Inter-School Competitions in Elocution, Creative Writing, Poetry, Story Telling, Debates and Quizzes. I am a National Level Badminton Champion. Besides, I have a passion for theatre. I am the Secretary of the Dramatic Society of our School. I have not Only acted in a number of plays but have been associated with its organisation as well. In the year 2018, I was selected as the Head Girl of the school. Since then I have successfully shouldered all the responsibilities of the Head Girl with elan.

I am appalled at the plight of children living in the slums in my city. I have joined an NGO, called ’Bachpan’, through which I regularly teach children in slum colonies and Participate in activities aimed at improving the conditions in slum areas.

The one thing that I really enjoy and never get tired of is reading. That is why I am constantly looking out for stimulating and thought-provoking material. It was therefore only natural that I drifted towards studying English Literature at school.

Apart from simply enjoying reading and writing, I am also attracted to learn more about literature and the written word because to me it is more than a rewarding challenge, it is an active pleasure. I want to earn a degree in English literature  from a reputed college. This will not only enable me to pursue my career goal, i.e., to become a successful journalist. but would also give me an opportunity to become the voice of the downtrodden and raise the issues concerned with their lives. Apart from this, I want so start a Boarding School for the poor children, similar to the gurukuls we had in ancient times but with all the modern facilities.

With determination and hard-work, I am sure I will turn all my dreams and aspirations into reality.


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