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The author was “in a constant state of anxiety over their (N’Pongo’s and Nandy’s) health and well being “. What measures did he adopt to regulate their health? How did he attend to N’Pongo’s “first real illness”? Elucidate.


How did the narrator have parental effection towards the Ape?


Gerald Durrel is popularly known as a British naturalist, Zookeeper, television presenter and conservationist author. His “A Gorilla in the Guest Room” is one of the story through which he shared his own experience of his first and foremost efforts at establishing a zoo that would work to conserve wildlife. The story deals with the situation that how he managed to save both the Gorilla’s life and his parental affection towards the Ape.
Being a naturalist and conservationist, Durrel as the narrator of the story shows his extreme parental love and depicted the special bond that can be formed between animals and humans. When N’Pongo, a male Gorilla enters into the narrator’s life, the baby Gorilla was childlike. Like a small child, N’Pongo’s small and deep set, twinkling eyes like chips of coal were observing the narrator.
In the same manner of a human child, he lays back in the narrator’s arms and with his gentle forefinger, investigates the narrator’s beard. The cute and loving nature of the closest human species made the narrator to enrich his parental love.
The narrator beautifully depicted his love towards the Ape and understanding of N’Pongo’s every needs. When he found that latter’s cage was not ready for N’Pongo, Durrel decided to keep him in his guest room. Through his parental love he could understand that N’Pongo was only a baby and hence, could not be expected automatically to assume civilised behaviour. Though N’Pongo left behind traces of his presence in the guest room, the narrator did not punish him. It was Durrel’s extreme understanding towards his childlike Gorilla, that to prevent N’Pongo from turning morose and morose and melancholy without a company of his own species, a femal Gorilla Nandy was brought up and kept in the sane cage with Nandy.
The narrator’s inbuild parental love towards the Ape was clearly prortraited when he was even sympathetic towards Nandy’s anti social attitude. He tried his best to understand her every needs like a parent. He very soon understood that her anti social attitude was the result of the inhuman treatment meted out to her when she was caught, Durrel loved N’Pongo’s and Nandy’s notorious behaviour with each other, admired then like his own children.
Like a loving father, Durrel was so concerned for the health of his both childlike Gorilla. It was when he learnt about N’Pongo’s deteriorating health, he gave him, the best medical aid as possible. With his wife Jacquie, he went to buy food that would arouse N’Pongo’s interest. Like a responsible parent, Durrel thought of cancelling his visit to France. It is only when N’Pongo showed sign of improvement, he leave for France. He loved so much N’Pongo that even in France, Durrel was in constant touch with his family and staff to enquire about N’Pongo’s health. It was when he returned from France to find N’Pongo is in a good health, he felt quite releaved.

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