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How were N’Pongo and Nandy different from each other? Discuss the relationship shared by them. 


‘A Gorilla in the Guest Room’ charts Gerald Durrell’s first and foremost efforts at re-establishing a zoo that would work to conserve wildlife. As a result of his sincere lalbour he succeeds to obtain not only a gorilla, N’Pongo but his mate Nandy. The stort traces N’Pongo’s entry into Gerald’s life, their bond, N ’Pongo’s relationship with Nandy and Gerald’s genuine concern for the health of his gorillas. The story thus testifies the author’s own belief that zoos should diligently work for the wildlife.
When N’Pongo, the baby gorilla came into author’s life, he was eighteen inches high and was handsome and healthy looking. He was heavy for his size but it was all solid bone and muscle. His fur was light-chocolate colored, thick and soft. His skin was soft and glossy as patent leather. His eyes were small and twinkling. Nandy, like N’Pongo, appeared to be in perfect condition; her fur was glossy, she was fat, and her skin had a sheen like satin. Her eyes were large and lustrous.
N’Pongo was a happy gorilla. He had a playful side and he used to annoy his partner Nandy only out of pure fun. He would bully or tease be, without any malice. It was as if Nandy had married a professional practical joker. If out of frustration, she chased him round the cage, N’Pongo would giggle hysterically. “If she caught him, she would belabour him With her fists while N’Pongo lay on the ground curled up in a ball”. Even after this, he would think or other tricks to annoy Nandy.
On the other hand Nandy, unlike N’Pongo was anti-social. She did not trust or respect humans. She looked at human beings with frightened eyes; that was possibly because of the long scar that she received on her skull when she was being caught by an intrepid human being.
“She had such a woebegone, frightened face that one longed to be able to melt her up and comfort her, but she had been too deeply hurt”, and thus she needed time to trust humans.
Nandy had proper respect for herself and her rights. Thus N‘Pongo pulled a handful of her hair, she disapproved this act with a grunt of indignation. Moreover, she knew how to claim her rights. Thus, when N’Pongo as usual, slept on his wooden shelf alone, Nandy sat like a “thwarted suffragettes, and by the evening next day “succeeded to claim her position”.
Unlike N’Pongo, Nandy was much quieter introspective and watchful. She understood her husband and annoyed her on; of pure fun. Nandy seemed to realise N’Pongo’s innocence. However at times She reached the limit of her endurance and would lose her temper. She would then chase him round the cage and when caught would belabour him with her fists.

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