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How is the theme of ‘love for wildlife’ brought about in the story, A Gorilla in the Guest Room.


Conservation is the practice of protecting wild plant and animal species and their habitats. The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy and also to recognise the importance of wildlife for humans.
It was a genuine effort at Gerald’s part to establish his zoo asa place that “must cease to be a mere show-place of animals and start to contn‘bute something towards the conservation of wildlife.”
He believed it necessary to replace common animals with rare and threatened species. Therefore, as soon as he got a call from an animal dealer offering a baby gorilla for twelve hundred pounds, he could not say no. Obtaining the gorilla was his top priority. Despite his wife’s annoyance and lack of money, Gerald managed to arrange twelve hundred pounds so that N’Pongo could enter his zoo.
Conserving the wildlife on the foundation of love. Bringing N’Pongo was Gerald’s first step in conserving wildlife. Gerald and his family loved him from the very first day he entered into their life. Since his cage was not yet ready, N’Pongo was allowed to reside in their guest room. He was admired and kind care of. He was served many delicacies. Gerald’s mother was so impressed with exemplary behaviour that she tried to persuade Gerald to keep N’Pongo in their house permanently.
To conserve and save wildlife, it is important that the inmates of the zoo should be able to breed. To prevent N’Pongo from turning morose and melancholy without a company of his own species, a female Gorilla, Nandi was brought and kept in the same cage as N’Pongo’s. The two gorillas were temperamentally different from each other but seemed to adore each other.
In Gerald DuneIl’s zoo, animals were given utmost love and care. They were given proper attention. The author was anxious about the health and well-beirg of both N’Pongo and Nandy. He set up an elaborate Communication system to monitor their well-being. He was deeply concerned when he learned of N’Pongo’s first real illness. He consulted vets and physicians and gave him the best medical aid possible which finally resulted in steady improvement in N’Pongo’s health.

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