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Miranda is the loveliest creation of Shakespeare. From the age of three she has been brought up in the environment of Nature.

Because of her naturalness and simplicity she justifies the statement that she is a child of nature. She does not pretend. She impresses us with her gentle nature and straight forward behaviour. She is as beautiful as she is virtuous. She is not guilty of any sin. Nor is she repentant. Nature is her nurse and guide.

Miranda grows into a beautiful girl in the midst of the beauties of Nature. She was cut off from human society and the atmosphere of the court. So she became human to the core. She felt moved on seeing the miserable condition of the passengers in the ship. She felt thrilled and sad in turns on hearing the story of Prospero’s past. She feels thankful to Gonzalo when she thinks of his kindness. She feels pained to think of her deceitful uncle. She is a fine blend of pity and innocence. She does not hope to see a better man than Ferdinand. She feels moved on seeing Ferdinand carrying logs for her. She defends Ferdinand against all the charges levelled against him by her father. There is no cunningness in her arguments.

Miranda is natural in her experiences and expressions, in her actions and reactions, in her body and soul. She has many virtues. Under the loving care of her father, she is brought up in a way which makes her neither earthly nor supernatural. She is saved from being outraged by Caliban by her father. She is allowed to play with the birds and the brooks, to see the waves of the sea. Her fervour in love proves her strong natural feelings. She hates Caliban for his ugliness and wicked nature in a most innocent manner.

In her love for Ferdinand, she shows her natural instincts in a very convincing and natural way. She falls in love with Ferdinand at first sight. In a very natural way, she grows sympathetic and loving towards Ferdinand. She does not become poetic or sentimental in her declaration of love. She makes plain confessions of married love. She desires the sweet company of Ferdinand. With her expressions of love, she does not lose her presence of mind. With modesty and gentleness in speech she looks naturally dignified. She is the embodiment of all feminine virtues. She is kind and tender, loving, beautiful and meek. She could learn what was taught her by her loving father.

There are however a few contradictions in calling Miranda a child of Nature. From her very childhood she was brought up in the lap of Nature. It is also said that she had never seen any other human face except that of her father. But one wonders how Miranda had learnt such sentences. “Good wombs have borne bad sons.” She also expresses her deep hatred for Caliban by calling him a villain. It means that she had some connection with society. She also has some notion of the relationship between man and wife. She encourages Ferdinand in his love and yet she keeps up her purity.

We can say that Miranda is pure and unsophisticated. The openness of her heart makes her appear as more natural.


Dipendu Das

Dipendu Das

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