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Trinculo and Stephano are comic characters. They are villains of a different type. They are fools as well as conspirators. Trinculo is a drunken butler while Stephano is a professional jester. They provide fun by their funny gestures and conversation. They provide comic relief. After the ship-wreck, Trinculo hides himself under the cloak of Caliban to protect himself against the strong wind. Stephano comes singing with a bottle of wine. He puts wine in the mouth of Caliban. Thus he wins over a slave for him. Trinculo’s slipping under the garment of Caliban, and Stephano‘s drunkenness are a source of laughter.

Trinculo is a professional jester. So he is more humorous than Stephano. He swam ashore like a duck. He looks like a goose. Trinculo dislikes Caliban. Stephano on the other hand likes Caliban. He is full of pride and joy to get a slave like him. Stephano succeeds more in winning the loyalty and service of Caliban than Trinculo. He is more domineering and fearless than Trinculo.

Stephano is physically stronger than Trincilo. Urged by Caliban, Stephano beats Trinculo. Trinculo submits to the beating without any resistance. Caliban abuses Trinculo. Even after this ill-treatment when Stephano promises to appoint him as a Viceroy of the island after the murder of Prospero, he is tempted. He easily forgets the wrong done to him.

Stephano is more courageous than Trinculo. Trinculo fears when he sees Caliban lying on the ground like a fish. He hides under the garment of Caliban when he is assured that Caliban is dead. As against this, we find Stephano trying to make a slave of Caliban. On another occasion, everybody is afraid to hear the music produced by Ariel. They all think that this music is coming from some supernatural agent. Stephano however does not feel afraid.

Both are notorious drunkards. Stephano is authoritative and domineering. Trinculo is weak and submissive. Stephano longs to possess Prosperous daughter, when he talks about her beauty. Trinculo joins the conSpiracy to become a Viceroy later on. Stephano values his wine-bottle more than anything else. Trinculo feels very happy on seeing showy clothes. They are chased by the spirits in the form of hounds.


Dipendu Das

Dipendu Das

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