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There are several similarities between Prospero and Alonso. But they are contrasted characters in one important aspect. Prospero is a higher quality of human being than Alonso. Prospero had blind faith in his younger brother, Antonio who threw him (Prospero) out of his dukedom. Alonso did a mean thing by conspiring with Antonio to throw out Prospero. That is why we hold Alonso guilty.

Both Prospero and Alonso have suffered. Prospero is the former duke of Milan. He was thrown out of his dukedom by his treacherous brother. Alonso is the King of Naples. He becomes the victim of a ship-wreck. He was washed ashore to Prospero’s island. Since he had conspired with Antonio to throw out Prospero, he is purposely brought ashore to Prospero’s island to be punished.

We pity the lot of both. The said part of Prosperous life deals with a period that was twelve years ago. The trouble in Alonso’s life happens in the present when he was returning to Naples from Tunis atter the marriage of his daughter. Prospero had to lose his dukedom because of his lack of worldly wisdom. Alonso is punished for his conspiracy to throw out Prospers.

Both Alonso and Prospero are loving and affectionate fathers. Alonso is extremely fond of his son Ferdinand. That is why he feels much grief stricken at the supposed loss of his son. Prospero also showers all his affection on his daughter. He acts as her guide, guardian, instructor and moral teacher. He has done nothing but in care of his daughter. He has lived in the island for a period of twelve years. He mastered his art not for himself but for Miranda.

Both Prospero and Alonso suffer at the hands of their treacherous brothers. Prospero lost his dukedom due to his wicked and selfish brother, Antonio. Sebastian also made an unsuccessful attempt on the life of his brother. Their younger brothers proved dangerous for both of them Antonio did not kill Prospero for fear of public agitation. Both of them do not take any revenge Prospero pardons his brother. Atonso does not take any strong action against Sebastian.

Both learn from difficulties. Prospero grew merciful and forgiving during his exile in the island. Alonso also became tender and affectionate. Prospero becomes supcr-human With his Vas supernatural and magic powers. Alonso who conspired against Prospero is reduced to the status of a hopeless wailing father. He even loses all hope of going back to Naples. Misfortunes ennoble Prospero and Alonso with remorse. Both gain something in the last scene of the play. The dukedom of Milan is restored to Prospero towards the end. His daughter gets married with Ferdinand, the son of King Alonso. Alonso is also united with his son. He finds his son after the ship-wreck. He goes back to Naples as a changed man.


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