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Trinculo is the jester of King Alonso of Naples. He does not have both wit and Wisdom that a court jester has. He is a fool. He is also a coward. He makes us laugh when he is beaten by Stephano. He is the leader of the group of three consisting of himself, Trinculo and Caliban. Trinculo bends before him for his physical strength and for the bottle of wine that he has. As a frightened fool, he thinks Stephano to be a king,

Trinculo is a coward. When we meet him first, he is trembling with fear because another storm is coming up. He does not know where to hide himself. He sees Caliban lying quietly on earth looking like a strange fish, only legged like man. Considering him to be dead, he takes
shelter under his garment. He himself feels the uselessness of his action. Still, he says :
“Misery acquaints a man with strange bed-fellows,”

He remains hidden there till Stephano appears on the play. Trinculo is physically deformed. He claims to swim like a duck. He proudly says that he escaped the shipwreck by swimmmg ashore like a duck. Stephano thinks that Trinculo is made like a goose. Trinculo seems to have certain deformities which qualified him for becoming a professional jester.

He has dishlike for Caliban. He calls Caliban a puppy-headed monster. Trinculo is jealous of Caliban for his winning favour of Stephano. Caliban appears to him nothing but a howling monster. He urges his new master Stephano to beat Caliban. Trinculo puts up with the disgrace This shows that he is a coward and has no physical strength at all.

Trincuio is a civilised brute. Despite his deformed features, cowardice and foolishness he belongs to the lower category of human beings. Trinculo and Caliban seem to have racial jealousy between them. Trinculo feels that he is superior to Caliban.

Dipendu Das

Dipendu Das

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