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Stephano is the butler of King Alonso of Naples. He is very fond of drinking wine. Whenever he appears, he is drunk and singing. Compared with Trinculo, he is more daring and courageous. Having escaped from the ship-wreck on a cask of wine, he makes a good use of that cask. He drinks all the time since the ship-wreck. When it is suggested to him that he should stop drinking, he refuses to do so till the whole of the cask has been emptied. The bottle of wine is as sacred to him as the Bible. It is the breath of his nostrils. It is like nectar for him which can cure all his ills. He thinks that wine will remove Caliban’s fit ; it would give language to a cat ; it is a friend of all, and the only true friend.

He is very bold. Caliban’s fearful appearance does not scare-him. He thinks of taming Caliban. He gives him a few drops of wine to bring him back to senses. Stephano has a very powerful voice. Trinculo wishes to be with him for the sake of his wine. Caliban is forced to kiss his feet as a slave monster. He is very proud and dominating. When he thinks that the king and the courtiers are drowned, he gives himself the airs of a king. He orders his fellow Trinculo to carry his bottle foi him.

Stephano is a fool. He declares Caliban to be his lieutenant. He warns Trinculo to keep a good tongue. Caliban becomes more dear to him than his friend Trinculo. Stephano even beats Trinculo at the suggestion of Caliban. This proves that he is a fool given to tom-foolery,

Stephano is also a funny conspirator. Caliban’s submission to him-makes him believe that he is the king of the island and Caliban and Trinculo are his subjects. Caliban’s proposal to kill Prospero and then to marry Miranda amuses him. He at once decides to give it a practical shape. He is so happy that he at once declares his intention to make Caliban and Trineulo his viceroys. But he gets frightened when he thinks of the spirits and ghosts living on the island.

Stephano is a comic figure, not a serious character. Trinculo is the declared jester. Stephano is a butler. He entertains the audience by his drunkenness and funny gestures.


Dipendu Das

Dipendu Das

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