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Prospero lacked worldly wisdom and practical sense. He was once the Duke of Milan As duke, he did not take interest in the affairs of the state. He led a life of study and meditation He handed over the affairs of his state to his brother, Antonio. He had full trust in Antonio. But Antonio was very ambitious. He conspired against Prospero and turned him out of his kingdom. After settling on the island he showed great text and wisdom in dealing with his enemies. hard test to know his sincerity in love for wiser after his expulsion from Milan. He Prospero and turned him island he showed great tact He put F erdinand into a Miranda. He had become stopped putting faith in appearances.
Prospero was a lovable man. As a rulier he was no doubt a man he was loved and honoured by all. He was generous and humane. For these qualities, his people loved him. His courtiers also had great respect for him. When he was put in a boat, Gonzalo supplied him with books, provisions and water. Gonzalo’s love for Prospero shows Prospero’s lovable nature.
He was a veiy aifectionate father. He had unlimited love for his daughter. He taught his daughter on the island. The education given by him was excellent. He devoted all his energies and magical powers in bringing a union between the royal families of Milan and Naples. The presence of his daughtei on the island enabled him to spend his time comfoxtably. He worked as the guide and tutor of Miranda.
Prospero was a kind-hearted man. He was very kind with his daughter and Ariel. As duke of Milan. he had great affection for his brother, Antonio. He loved him ‘only next to his daughter. His affectionate nature is also seen in his great regard for the old lord Gonzalo.
Prospero did not misue his magical powers. He controlled the forces of nature but he did not allow his own nature to go wrong.
He used his powers to achieve a noble purpose. He has full control over his feelings and passions.
Prospero is very strict in matters of discipline and obedience. He punished Caliban from time to time to keep him on the right path. He gives a hard task to Ferdinand to test the sincerity of his love for Miranda. His ends are always noble. His use of power is always judicious and wise.
Prospero is not revengeful. He believes that forgiveness is the noblest form of revenge Although he has vast powers to punish his enemies, yet he is very  soft towards them. He know that “the rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance”. He forgives all his enemies despite the hall“1 done by them to him. In this respect he is seen as a super-human character.
Prospero seems to stand for poetic justice. Gonzalo is honoured for his loyalty and goodness. Ferdinand is rewarded for his sincerity in love. Ariel is set free for his obedience and faithfulness. The three sinners Alonso, Sebastian and Antonio are punished with the rods of mercy. Stephano and Trinculo are chased for their conspiracy against Prospero’s life. Thus Prospero is seen less than a divine Providence. He rewards the virtuous and punishes the villains.
Prospero creates a very good impression on us by his kind and sympathetic nature, by his nobility and spirit of forgiveness. But he is not free from faults. He cannot be called perfect. He is stem at stern towards Caliban. He wants to achieve a noble objective by reforming the evil-doers. That is why he does not hit back at his enemies. He pardons all of them. He loses his temper with Caliban who rises in revolt against him. He is kind to Ariel and sets him face as promised. He is affectionate to his daughter and takes keen interest in her up bringing. He loves his brother only next to his daughter.


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