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Miranda is Prospero’s only daughter. She is the innocent child of Nature. She is the loveliest of all Shakespeare’s heroines. She is a model of beauty and virtue. She is matehless. ln her beautiful features and angelic face, she seems to be peerless.
Miranda is a tender-heartcd girl. She moves to pity on seeing the passengers suffering in the ship-wreck. Her heart is deeply moved to hear the story related by her father. She feels like weeping
on hearing the story of her uncle, Antonio’s treachery. She hates sin and deception. She cannot think of any evil or wickedness in Ferdinand.
She is very affectionate and obedient to her father. She looks upon him as her protector and tutor. Her sense of right and wrong has been formed by the advice of her father. When her father gives a hard test to her lover, she does not revolt against his authority. She merely requests him to be softer to her lover. She has iirm faith in the goodness of her father as she has full trust in the sincerity of her lover,
Miranda is simple, innocent and guileless. She is a true child of Nature. She is not at all secretive. She cannot hide her true feelings. That is why she is said to wear her heart on her sleeves. In the romantic atmosphere of the island, she is like a pure and flawless pearl brought ashore from the stormy ocean. In her love affair with Ferdinand, she hides nothing and tells no lies. She does not know how to use her feminine charm to advantage. She makes a frank and open confession of her love to Ferdinand. She surrenders to Ferdinand expecting nothing in return. Her submission to her father’s wishes and later to Ferdinand raises her very high in our estimation. She is absolutely meek. This is clear from her words to Ferdinand :
“I am your wife, if you will marry me ; If not, I shall die your maid.”
Miranda’s love for F erdinand is pure and selfless. It is of a spiritual kind. She gives us the impression of being a bride from India as she is very innocent, untainted and unsullied. She does not revolt against the authority of her father. She does not forget her lover. She does not play with F erdinand like a flirt. In her love with Ferdinand, she maintains decorum (decency) upto the last moment. This adds to her grace all the more. Besides she is willing to make any sacrifice for her lover. She offers to carry logs for him.

Miranda is a worthy daughter of a worthy father. Prospero is proud of her. He thinks that Miranda is a priceless possession. He tells Ferdinand that Miranda is beyond all praise. Her presence in the deserted island and her continued stay with Prospero enables Prospero to pass the period of his exile very comfortably. She is such a fine specimen of Nature that even C aliban, the savage. falls madly in iove with her. He wants to possess her physically. He becomes poetic while describing her. Almost everyone in the play seems to be dazzled by Miranda‘s exceptional beauty.

Miranda hates villainy. Prospero asks her to go and visit Caliban. She protests with the words: “Tis a villain, Sir, I do not want to look on.”
Caliban’s previous attempt to rape her makes her very angry. That is why she even refuses to see the face of Caliban hereafter. She also feels hurt to know about the treachery of her  who threw her father out of his dukedom. She is pure, innocent and desirable.


Dipendu Das

Dipendu Das

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