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Ferdinand is the son of the King of Naples. He is the hero of the love plot in the play. His character has not been fully sketched. We meet him for a very brief period and that too in the role of a romantic lover. He leaves a very good impression on us. But still we feel that he is not a great adventurer. Nor does he seem to be capable of achieving great things in life.
He is very romantic and affectionate. After the ship wreck he is left all alone on the island. He is brought before Miranda. They exchange eyes and fall in love at first sight. He forgets himself in love and agrees to face all the diiiiculties for the sake of his beloved. He is so affectionate that Miranda calls him “a temple where nothing ill can dwell,” all gentle and not fearful. He agrees to carry logs of wood because his mistress is near him.
Ferdinand is an ideal lover. He believes in the union of souls and not merely of bodies. He is at all lustful. When Prospero warns him not to have any physical with Miranda before marriage, he gives a sincere promise not to do so. He sticks to this promise. All the spirits give their choicest blessings for this pious love between the couple. Ferdinand is manly and courageous During the shipwreck he shows great courage and presen of mind He is neither cowardly nor womanly He fights against the angry waves of the sea. He draws out his sword to fight against Prospeio when the latter scolds him and accuses him of bem, spy and a traitor. He agrees to carry logs of wood for the sake of his beloved. He passes this test creditabls, Prospero also says that Ferdinand has won Miranda by his passing the test to Which h Was subjected.
Ferdinand is very loyal to his father After the ship-wreck he is separated from his father. He sits in a sad mood. He feels anxious about the supposed loss of his father. He has been weeping ever since his loss. When he is re-united with his father, he feels very happy. He bends befor him with true affection.

Ferdinand has a strong sense of self-respect. He is always conscious of his position and rank. He tells Miranda that he is the prince of Naples. He is a youngman having several good qualities He is never vain or proud. During the period of his test as logman, he remains fearless. Prospero softens towards Ferdinand because of the latter’s steadfastness and sincerity in love, Finally he agrees to give Miranda’s hand in marriage to Ferdinand.


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